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Hidden Talent

7 Reasons Why You May be Losing Your Best Leadership Talent and What It's Costing Your Organisation

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    Written by Megumi Miki, author of Quietly Powerful: How your quiet nature is your hidden leadership strength, which was awarded the Australian Career Book Award 2020 by RSA Oceania and Best Leadership Book 2020 by the Australian Business Book Awards.

    White Paper Contents:

    • The Need for a Different Kind of Leadership in a Changing World
    • Your Best Leaders May Be Hiding in Plain Sight
    • How Hidden is Your Best Leadership Talent?
    • Seven Reasons You May be Losing the Best Leadership Talent Without Knowing It
    • How to Identify Your Hidden Talent
    • How are You Optimising Your Leadership Talent?

    You may be losing the best leadership talent without knowing it, as hidden talent is overlooked, becomes frustrated and disengages.

    Some of your best leadership talent may be hiding in plain sight. Humble, quiet achievers who have the potential to be outstanding leaders are often overlooked for leadership roles and development opportunities as they don’t push themselves forward or even see themselves as leaders.

    These people can become frustrated as they watch other people get more recognition and opportunities. Organisations risk losing this hidden talent, particularly where there are talent shortages or people are reconsidering their careers.

    If you haven’t even realised that these people had the potential to be outstanding leaders in the first place, you won’t realise what you have lost.

    Download the white paper to avoid losing your best leadership talent while lifting the quality of leadership as well as diversity in leadership.